an early Valentine’s Day love blog

I find that because this is primarily a yoga blog about practice and teaching and all the struggles in between the man I mostly talk about in my American teacher David Keil.  He was  life changer and in some ways a life saver and brought me to this practice.  If you have ever had a chance to partake in any of my workshops/classes I am sure you have heard me say that I got married to my husband and yoga this same year.  In 2006 it felt like I had made two very deep commitments.  My “dating,” shopping,” or whatever you’d like to call it had ended.  I became Mrs. Mergen (although I am not  called that) and an Ashtangi by the year’s end.  It was my husband who demanded that I make my first trip to Mysore and held my hand tightly on the very bumpy ride on the Bangalore-Mysore highway….was thrown out of the office by Guruji and Sharath on my very first registration…and when I am in a funk firmly says, “have you been practicing….get to practice.”

These past couple of years have been very much like that trip down the stretch from Bangalore to Mysore…bumpy, hard, scary, unbelievably indescribable, a ride into the unknown.  I am very proud to have such a supportive partner.  This month one of his projects was featured in Harper’s magazine…here is the little link if you have a chance to see a Harper’s in person please check it out.

Vote: Michael Mergen

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One Response to an early Valentine’s Day love blog

  1. sinead says:

    Such a lovely blog entry.

    More love:
    Some mornings you say “romance your practice”. That’s been so wonderful to hear, and utterly changed the way I approach practice every morning. Thank you.

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