Three things I may never do again

#1 Have Pizza…..When I look at a piece of pizza now (even the gorgeous no compromise made with the best organic ingredients at Peter’s Yard) I think, “that is going to be some pretty strong glue in my intestines.”

#2 Focus on the negative.  Since being in Edinburgh I have (re)discovered the power of practicing positivity….about everything….my body, the early mornings, the Scottish winter, the amount of daylight.  I am also focusing my heart of those who love and support me rather than those I wish would…..being positive in a positive way….just like Patanjali.

#3 Heat honey.  Here is why. wee yogi has gently informed me why and I am loving all the results of this truly Ayurvedic way to take honey.

Notice I said ‘may never’ so if you see me out somewhere with a big slice of floppy pizza, drinking a lemon ginger honey hot tea all while being a real negative Nancy….don’t judge. I am merely an aspiring yogi with hopes of the highest me.


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2 Responses to Three things I may never do again

  1. Joseph says:

    I love this! #2 was really what I needed to read this week. See you again soon in Narberth!

  2. Thanks for the comment and I am really glad that you too are working on some things…can’t wait to practice with you in March.

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