I am so full

5 weeks have gone by seriously fast.  Next week is my final week in Edinburgh.  I am heading back to my husband and dogs in central Virginia on the 12 of February.  Yes, I’ll be so excited to be reunited with my cozy little family but I’ll miss my Edinburgh family as well.  I have discovered/uncovered much over these 6 weeks about myself, the practice, how to be a better teacher, the pulse of svadhayaya, and the warmth of winter.  My brain is over full with ideas, inspiration, and future projects….today I need a nap.  I however keep coming back to this one thing about Ashtanga Yoga.  I gave up defending this practice midway through the Providence years right about the time another yoga teacher in the area claimed that this practice was “joyless.”  Over an Indian lunch with two very new to Ashtanga Yoga (both were about 9 months in) students one said to me that she had ordered three books online….a copy of Yoga Mala, a copy of the Yoga Sutra, and a book on human anatomy.  No one told her to do this….making her way to the mat each morning surrounding by inspiring teachers she figured out….that this practice teaches me how to live in my body…..this practice requires me to cozy up to my mind….and this is a living practice with lineage and tradition.  It is truly a union of body, mind, and spirit.  So the next time someone tells me that Ashtanga Yoga is just jungle gymnastics I’ll remember that it is ONLY through practice can one understand where the practice is pointing.

“Yoga is to be known by yoga.
Yoga is the teacher of yoga.
The power of yoga manifests through yoga alone.”



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2 Responses to I am so full

  1. Gabriela Villarino says:

    Dearest Jill,
    It is through inspiring teachers like you (and our lovely Edinburgh-based teachers) that students (like me) have found the way to know ourselves a bit more through Ashtanga Yoga. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! Gabriela xxx

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