Me? Teacher?

The thank you emails are starting to pour in and I am very overwhelmed by it all…..THANK YOU.  I have been reflecting a bit on how this “yoga teacher” journey all started.  I can really remember my first day of TT at the Integral Institute in the West Village.  I arranged my whole semester around the TT times/dates and I can still feel that excitement of learning something that I really wanted to be learning.  There are so other moments that stand out like that…..after I finished my very first Mysore week with David Keil.  I wrote him out this really sentimental card thanking him for the week.  I could feel my yoga path diverging, changing, a new road had emerged and I was going on a journey.  When I handed him the card he said something like, “should I read this now or later?”  It was very personal and I am so thankful for taking that leap of faith into such steady hands.  On my first trip to Mysore I was late (shala time) and in that marble floored waiting room that I now know so well Guruji walked right up me and asked me my name, where I was from, and hurried me into the shala.

I have had so many of these moments over the last 5 weeks…seeing a student show up when they thought they could not, watching a student discover after three weeks of steady practice a lotus, confidence, strength, and the joy that I have part in daily.

Thank  you Bristo Ashtangi’s for taking a leap into my rather shaky hands.  I feel changed.I dedicate all my teaching to my great teachers.

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