Bloom in Winter

“the simple idea is….to let your presence bloom.” Erich Schiffman

As I often say, I never confuse simple with easy.  I must admit the thought of sacrificing my practice time in Mysore for a teaching job in Edinburgh was very scary.  I was watching my colleagues once again leave their own shalas and teaching jobs for the sunny South Indian sun…..I was jealous…..AND once the decision had been made I heard some very frightening things about the Scottish weather in Jan/Feb and the lack of daylight.  My own yoga teacher told me that it would be so cold that my duvet would be thicker than my mattress.  Was this going to be a big mistake?  Something that I would just need to power through for the experience?  How would teaching many students everyday 6 sometimes 7 days a week drain my own practice?  When would I return to the Mysore mother-ship?

Here at the beginning of the Shiva phase of this experience I have felt the bloom in winter.  Teaching everyday, and yes many students in a Mysore room, has strengthened my resolve to teach well, teach what I know, teach YOGA, and teach from my experience and heart….maybe that is why mid-week last week a little que had started to form at the shala.  My own practice of yoga asana has also been lighter, happier, more connected and deeper.  I chant daily and have even started a wee little meditation practice.  I feel fed by this experience.

If you have ever worked with me through practice you know I say this a lot.  A small swami woman in Rishikesh said, “yoga is an attitude.”  Each morning when I make the predawn winter mid meadow march I hear the sounds of spring.  There are foxes (which are so cute by the way) calling, birds chirping, and I swear I hear the water flooding the trunks of the massive trees preparing for the exploding green.  I have been hearing this for weeks and now I am seeing the buds from the earth.

Yoga lesson #2567: sometimes it is heard before it is seen.

Two  more weeks in the magically Edinburgh winter just enough time to come into full bloom.

hari om



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