Thank Guruji it is Friday

Wow.  This third week really kicked my ass.  The number of students grew to an amazing level…mid week we were at 30! and I went back to practicing full Intermediate Series.  I stepped back from the series as I was easing back into practice after my recent dizzy spells, headaches, and insomnia.  I feel better than I have in months just, tired in the best way, tired in a way I have been missing.  The cold weather that many people warned me of finally reared its head yesterday with cold, and dark, and big chunks of sleet being flung from the sky.  However I am Aware that in the big picture of life I am amazing and full of love and gratitude.

On the big picture…..I recieved an email last evening that was very saddening,  A friend of mine is currently wading in waters so powerful, so tragic, so unimaginable that I would love to send her and her family all the energetic support I can.  So, please if you have a prayer, or mantra, or a moment to wish for/extend the relief of suffering for her and her family I would be truly grateful.  I plan on practicing 108 Shanti Mantras daily from Edinburgh.

love practice and practice love.

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