spontaneous samadhi

I am spend, like my teacher, at most 5 days or so with students.  In some areas I have a long relationship with students and every time I work with them it deepens.  I suppose this is the relationship I have with my American teacher.  Just this past November he looked at me nearly startled, “Jill, how many years has it been now?”  6 .  The student teacher dynamic has matured…hell, I am 6 years older, 5 trips to India crazy and have been awarded a title that my teacher has (well almost)….it has been a while for us on this road together.

Some students take one workshop with me or one week-long practice intensive and I never see them again.  To have this time at Bristo is a gift for me as a teacher and I hope for the students as well.  I find that our hamstrings are more alike than our minds.  It is a pleasure watching, waiting and witnessing how much of an impact you can have on someones practice even in a relatively short period of time.

There is so much swimming around in my head I think I’ll need some time to digest this whole experience.  I can’t stop smiling.  Even as I practiced solo today I held the effort of so many with me in my heart, as I peered down my nose I could see the little corners of my mouth spontaneously upturned.


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