Waking Up

I woke up this Sunday morning thinking about yama and niyama. I thought about how they train our humanity, how sometimes they are twisted into unattainable piety, BUT how they are designed to awaken our humanness.

Then I thought about my teachers recent post and went back for another read.

“I feel like our yoga practice reflects this interaction between spirituality and humanness. There is the obvious physical work and rigor, reminding us just how human we are. At the same time this physical work opens up and stimulates thoughts of the spiritual component of who we are as well. Reflecting back the balance of the two in our lives…….I’ll just remind you (and myself) to use our asana practice as a vehicle and a tool. Don’t be limited by it, get stuck in it, or feel like it is the ultimate practice. It isn’t, life is! Live it to your fullest, whatever that is for you!” David Keil

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