Restful Saturday

I have come to the end of my second week of teaching at Bristo and I can’t believe how fast time has gone.  The steadiness suits me.   Up early teach for 3 hours, practice, rest, teach again and then enjoy the Edinburgh sun and sights along with quality time with my flat mates (truly incredible people…see Wee-Yogi on my blog roll.)

I feel like I have found a teaching groove, very comfortable and passionate about what I know and how I can communicate that just as I wish and very comfortable about what I don’t know and still have to learn.  Everyday is learning.  I watch students.  I wait for them to illustrate in some way how best I can help them.  It is a very quiet process, it needs time and space to evolve and unfold.  It is a beautiful things to be a part of.

But today was a day of rest, no teaching, no practice.  I finally got a chance to check out the pool and sauna around the corner from my flat, finished the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency over a cafe Americano, and spent the day running errands with Wee Yogi herself.

I am so excited about practice and teaching tomorrow, but most excited about having a chance to share my love of chanting and in turn Sanskrit with the Britso Yoga School community followed up by some Q and A.

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