Mind of Winter

Am I missing being in Mysore?  The flip-flop January tan, the hoards of yoga students, the endless stream of chai and chuntey……hmmmm and to my surprise the answer is ‘not really.’  I am missing an intense work on my practice, seeing friends on the subcontinent, and the endless stream of chai and chutney.  Here is Scotland I feel tucked away, protected.  I feel nourished and proud of my full-on self-sustained practice each morning and I feel really grateful to work with such a large amount of dedicated students daily.  The Bristo Yoga School is rockin’.  I am teaching exactly how I feel to teach with equal parts heat and equal parts heart.  I received a very touching message yesterday

“I feel lifted and mentally vibrant and proud of the effort – what I want to say to you is that having met you and reconnected with a part of me that had gone underground I genuinely feel like a new woman, your teaching, touching, holding, squeezing is SO generous and loving – thank you all of you for all you give.”

I guess I don’t miss all the Mysore waxing.  I like working.  I guess it helps I just came home from a dosa lunch with chutney and chai.

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