I wonder where teachers get these ideas.

“yoga can be whatever you want it to be. it’s personal. it’s yours.” – Kathryn Buding

Not only do I find this quote completely inaccurate it is also so general, banal and really very cliché.  My relationship with the practice is a bit more like this sign at the end of my street in Edinburgh…..


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One Response to I wonder where teachers get these ideas.

  1. Sara says:

    I agree. When I see someone with a yoga mat or other yoga gear like a scarf covered with sanskrit wherever I am I will tend to ask them what kind of yoga they practice. Far to often I get responses like, “I don’t practice any kind of yoga, I just kind of do my own yoga.” I’m just confused with this response. How hard is it to just say you practice hatha yoga? To me I don’t think of yoga as my own, I think of it as my teacher. The same practice repeated is never the same and I learn about myself, how I work. If anything the yoga owns me instead of the other way around.

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