Ahhh thank Ganesha someone else is saying these things!

“When there is a great potential for making money, quality is usually the first thing to be sacrificed. Fast food, anyone? It is unfortunate that this is exactly what we are facing now – yoga has been McDona-fied. It has been reduced from a practice that traditionally demanded dedication, discipline, sacrifice, humility, surrender, suffering, love, devotion, and rigorous self-investigation, to something that you can now learn to teach in a weekend. Or, more popularly, in a mere 200 hours you can become a bonafide, registered yoga instructor. 200 hours is spit. It is a joke. And it is a joke that is leading an entire tradition – that granted even in India was subject to ridicule – to an even greater harm. This is because we have an opportunity, in the West, to be leaders in the rising field of yoga, by bringing these transformative teachings to places where they will result in great good. Though it is true that this is already happening – in schools, prisons, hospitals, with veterans, and with everyday people who walk into a class off of the street – it is also true that a rotten apple can spoil the barrel, and this is what I fear is happening. And, it is a mighty big apple.”

Here are the two articles in full:





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One Response to NYT and AYNY

  1. Jen Apollonio says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Jill. One of my favorite sayings is “We live in a drive-thru society.” Unfortunately, this leaked over into yoga too. There are some great, genuine teachers out there that have devoted their lives to yoga studies, such as yourself. For those of us that are looking for deeper meaning beyond the asana, we seek out these teachers, and not necessarily the ones that can do ‘cool poses’ or who just completed their TT with the only requirement being the ability to do a handstand. Which somehow means you are now capable of teaching others??? Good read!

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