I think I finally figured out why I am having a bit of a struggle with this blog here in Edinburgh.  The last two years during this period of time I go into a massive yoga study hibernation.  The post just seem to flow about practice, method, and meaning.  Here….I am, gulp, the teacher….the teacher?….  I am still stewing in the waters of practice, working things out for myself on the mat, chanting along with my Jayashree downloads each morning, trying to find space in my mind and heart, but I find myself putting my storehouse of knowledge to good use working with students….and that is a lot of work.  Let me just say for the record these students at Bristo are an amazing lot.  They embody a very rare combination of focus, seriousness about the practice, along with an open-hearted warmth.  I am so lucky to continue to practice and refine my teaching skills in such an environment.

As of right now I can’t image writing about teaching.  It seems so lofty and out of my depth.  So for now I’ll keep bringing it to the shala each morning and maybe some of that will spill into this space.

Ashtanga Yoga brings me order in my often chaotic mind.  Being tucked away in a city that even in the cold and wind is as green as my heart chakra is good for my soul.  I’ve only 5 weeks left here and I already wish I was rooting down longer.  Tomorrow is a full moon day!  Resting is there.


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