“you are the most important person under the sun”


Happy New Year!

Congratulations we made through 2011.  I have heard my fair share of how 2011 rocked worlds, challenged, saddened,  frustrated and fatigued many.  Here we are on the other side…I say well done!  I find myself in a very different position than from the pervious past two years.  I rang in 2010 and 2011 on a plane heading for my sunny yoga home in south India to work on myself and practice in a pretty secluded way.  I spent the early days of the new year bathed in sunlight, held by the energy of my teacher, and benefitting from the strength of the global Ashtanga Yoga community…..easy…right!

This year I am trying something different.  I am here in Edinburgh during the darkest and most weathered part of the year teaching.  It is an amazing opportunity to be an “international yoga teacher.”  Here I wake early, assist many, many students through the practice and then practice myself rest and then teach again.  It is tiring in the best way.  At the end of my first week teaching I managed 5 practices (my husband was here and we must have walked hundreds of miles each day…exhausting), many, many deep assists, and to explore Edinburgh in some of the wildest weather ever.  I feel great.

Last evening (Mike’s last night) Bristo Yoga had a movie/pot luck night.  Loads of students came with various food offerings and we enjoyed a filmed called, Enlighten Up!  I have seen this film about a regular guy going on a yogic quest twice before but somehow last night’s viewing really spoke to me.  My sister the Oyster Evangelist wrote in her blog, “Mainly, I am resolved to stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself and to focus on putting my life right. I am responsible for my own happiness and I will make whatever changes are necessary to feel better in 2012.  I learned so many things the hard way these past 12 months, and I’m determined to apply those lessons to making my life the life I want.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Today is my first solo day in Edinburgh.  Mike left very early this morning.  I could never have a better traveling companion and for that I am extremely grateful.

Here is to 2012—-the year of inner insight.


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2 Responses to “you are the most important person under the sun”

  1. eek! says:

    Happy first week of 2012! Sounds like you have had an amazing experience so far! I would love to do a class with you one day…


  2. I love you EE! I am still checking in with your blog trying to be more stylish in 2012!!!

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