Why I haven’t written much yet


Mike is here in Scotland with me and don’t get me wrong it is amazing to have this husband of mine.  He is supportive, fun, and takes really good care of me, but since Monday my days have gone like this:

Up at 5am

Teach Mysore style from 6.30am-9.30am

Practice until about 11/11.15am


Teach from 12.15-1.15

Meet Mike and run around windy, rainy, cold, lovely Edinburgh until we can’t anymore

home around 7/7.30pm



He leaves on Saturday morning and my heart will be sad…..my body will be grateful for the rest.  I wouldn’t trade this week for the world!


Here is Mike at the Scottish gallery of Modern Art

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One Response to Why I haven’t written much yet

  1. Catching up on your blog:) Glad you’ve been having fun. I feel the same way. David’s had a month off from school, and we’ve been trying to fit in everything under the sun. I feel like my blogs have been crap, and I haven’t touched the piano. Have had an amazing few weeks, but I totally get needing a little alone-time to be creative. SEE you soon!

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