Goodbye To All That

2011 What a year. It had it all, the good (three months of pure study in Mysore, India with an authorization to boot! Mike’s graduation from RISD and him landing the near impossible dismount…a job) the bad (moving for the third time in just less than two years, saying goodbye to good friends in Providence, and once again staring into the unknown) and the UGLY (depression in Farmville, family trauma, vertigo, CAT scans, ultra sounds that resulted in a pause in practice.)

I am ready for the new year.

Readiness is a major theme in yoga. Now that I am a traveling yoga teacher I have found that most students like to study/read the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali. Other than the second sutra of pada one, the one in which Patanjali lays out his first (of several) definitions of yoga students really like the first…

अथ योगान4शासनम् ॥१॥
atha yoganushasanam

Now the inquiry of yoga.

Students will really lean on that word ‘now’ like it is a call to the present moment, or like there is a feeling or call for immediacy, or urgency. What I have learned over the years of practice and study is that the now is about being ready or ripe for the practice or the practice of unraveling, chanting, and sitting with these verses. I have heard my teachers in India say that not everyone is ready, or ready now. If you have ever taken a sutra class with a master you’ll see it as well so sway and chant with ease while others 5 minutes into the session lose interest and others go into a panic and leave no run out of the room.

readiness must be there for this kind of work.

Maybe only by making it through 2011 I am now ready to ring in 2012.  The end of the year has me in one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been, at a time for great celebration, with my husband by my side (for the first time in two years) on the ground (again for the first time in two years) and teaching for the first time out of the country.

2012 welcome…I am ready.

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