Fall in Farmville and Five Years Ago Today

I have been home from New England for a few days. I am still resting from all the teaching and travel but also feeling so inspired from the two weeks of teaching and very refreshed by the students that I met. Everyone that practiced was ready and willing to simplify and go deeper. I found students who were excited by quality rather than quantity and that were unafraid of the hard work and early rising that Ashtanga Yoga is known for.

While I am taking a little rest between rounds of teaching and putting the finishing touches on my winter schedule this morning I remembered that five years ago today! Mike and I left for India. I didn’t know then that this would need to be referred to as the first trip to India. I didn’t know what Mysore had in store for me or how my life would change over the next five years. Getting to practice with Guruji might be one of the best fortunes that I ever experienced and I am grateful to my husband for practically pushing me there….at that time….it was a magical trip.

In honor of this five-year celebration and my upcoming 33 birthday this November I am (re)focusing on practice. If there is a shala to go to for the whole entire month of November I am there! No matter how long it takes to drive. My schedule also supports this reaffirmation by putting me in Philly a week and the next week in the DC area to reunite with my American teacher. I am trying to pick up that 30 day challenge energy again as well as pick up the writing here.

Fall. Love. Practice. Celebrate.
(it’s just that simple)

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One Response to Fall in Farmville and Five Years Ago Today

  1. Claudia says:

    You are very blessed. Hope I will get to see you again soon and meet your husband too. Great that he encouraged you 5 years ago!

    I am watching you and feeling the awe of your life right now, a dream, a beautiful energy. Enjoy!

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