Ahhh New England

This post is way overdue.

What a great trip back to New England.  I have spent a lot of time (and continue to do so) with some pretty amazing students.  I have also maintained a pretty intense practice schedule myself in spite of being all over the place driving around in my little red rental Fiat.

I continue to feel the enormity of this practice, this method and lineage.  I spent last week teaching at a lovely yoga studio in Bridgewater Massachusetts.  I felt like I was back in Mysore India.  everyday I was up on the south side of 5am teaching in a pretty crowed sweaty room.   I am continually impressed by the dedication of students who do not have daily access to a Mysore class….yes! you can keep practicing.

This week I am back at Providence’s Motion Center.  The room is filled with many familiar faces and some very new students.  It is only Monday and I can tell it is going to be a pretty awesome week.  Providence is a city I feel very at home in.  Lunching with friends, grabbing coffee with fellow yoga teachers and driving the little Fiat without any need for the GPS.

Over the past month I have been really struggling with where I fit in with the big picture of yoga, and practice, and Farmville and teaching.  I hope in the coming weeks…..more time in Philly and time with my teacher….I will have, if not some answers, a better sense of direction…..maybe I can feel at home too in my body and drive around sans GPS.



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