Philadelphia Freedom

Two weeks

Three studios

50 students

…..I feel great……and tired….and got sick.

I am home now after a very eventful drive back down south….seriuosly in Rained the whole way.  The two weeks were exactly what I needed.  My return to teaching reminded me that OH YEAH there are students out there who are interested in waking early, working hard, aligning with tradition, and keeping it real.  There are students who can look nose in upward dog and can practice without a DJ like playlist, body paint, or hoola hoops.  I also got some good practices in with a teacher who is not built like a long and lanky raw foodist and gave me some great advice from a very real place.  I spent time over coffee with friends chatting about yoga, India, the role of the teacher, the trap of the dog and pony show.  I ate a lot of Asian food of all varieties, and got some good advice about how I can make living in Farmville work.

Top Suggestions

1. Take a Zumba class.  This came from a friend who had a pretty crappy summer.  Crappy is an understatement here.  This friend told me that she never left a Zumba class without a smile. So…..yes! Virginia there are Zumba classes at my YMCA and soon I will be Zumba-ing my way around Central Virginia.

2. Get dressed.  I know this seems simple but when you can live your life in Thai fisherman pants, or yoga pants, let me tell you….you will!  I bought a pair of real pants and some cute shoes while I was in Philly and after practice I will put on a pair of pants that have a zipper and a button and maybe even a pair of earings and see how a little effort can go a long way.

3. TRUST.  I wasn’t in Philly two days and the opportunities started to pour in.  Some didn’t work out but others were too amazing to pass up (more on that later.)

4.  Do ME.  I think I may have just released my concern for how yoga in shaping up elsewhere.  After two weeks of straight teaching I realize that I am excited about what I know (and don’t) and my intensity with practice, study, and teaching.  Like the honey badger….I just don’t care about what other people say or do anymore.

I am getting ready to head back out on the road teaching in New England soon. For now I am ready to refresh, practice, and delight in my simple Farmville life.


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