Up and Down

I haven’t written very much lately.  While for the most part I am enjoying city mouse turned country lifestyle I hit a rough patch last week.  Mike started work!  So I now find myself with many, many, many hours alone and as hard as I tried to keep busy with practicing, and scheduling upcoming events, I found my energy low, and I found myself pretty dang lonely.  The first time since  the big move…..oh! the pendulum of emotions.

Do you know how hard it is to practice when you are mildly depressed, unsure, lonely ect?  I didn’t drop practice though.  I practiced in my yoga room and I drove to Charlottesville for some epic practices.  The further I drive the longer I practice.  For now when I make the hour and 15 minute drive I am doing all of primary up to Karandavasana.

Tomorrow two local Ashtangi’s are coming over my house at 6.30am to practice.  This, I think is the beginning of a practice group.  This is no small thing.  I spent months building up a community in the much bigger city of Providence so to find people with a Mysore style practice who want to meet in the morning in this small central Virginia town….do I smell Ashtanga Yoga Farmville?



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One Response to Up and Down

  1. claire says:

    Although the wind
    blows terribly here,
    the moonlight also leaks
    between the roof planks
    of this ruined house
    — Izumi Shikibu

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