30 Day Challenge: Week 4 Update

shoot!  I forgot again that I am scheduled to post my weekly recap on Wednesday.  At least I am still up for and into the challenge.  I knew I picked right one for this wild time.  I have been in Farmville just a little over a week now.  How is this city mouse liking the transition to country mouse life?  I am LOVING it!  In one short week here are some of the changes that are making me feel happier and saner than I have in months.

  • swimming with my husband
  • riding bikes
  • THREE yoga places close enough without the crowded highway or parking drama
  • cooking, just this week home-made tomato sauce, CSA pick up, home-made ghee, green bean coconut curry, ghee rice (and many more)
  • it is quiet, beautiful, and friendly
  • I have been able to focus on practice and study without it feeling forced

OK  now back to the challenge.  So far I have come to understand sweet is not my bag.  The number one thing I have had to let go…ketchup.  Other than that I haven’t had any problems.  Mike and I took a trip to Richmond on Sunday so I could practice at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond and tacked on a trip to the Whole Foods in the Richmond suburbs.  That was like no WF I had ever seen.  Mike said it was a WF on steroids.  I was there focused on hard to find items, soba noodles, miso, sesame oil.  Mike was standing caressing a box of WH 365 cookies asking when the no sugar project would be over.

The sphere of influence is a powerful thing.  I am not sure Mike has had much sugar of these last thirty days either.  My next thirty days will be known as the swim challenge!  The scope of the challenge will not be limited to lap or lane swimming, but also includes attending aqua classes when Mike can’t make it to the pool with me.  I have ALWAYS wanted to take an aqua class but have been shy due to my youngster status.  What could be more fun?

I have been trying to work with the wordpress format it is way more challenge than blogspot.  If anyone has tips please share them with me and let me know if you are inspired to take on a thirty day project.

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One Response to 30 Day Challenge: Week 4 Update

  1. Joy Manning says:

    I wish I could go to an aqua fitness class too! The Swim Challenge sounds like it will be fun.

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