#3, #4, #5


Membership is making me happy!

#3 The South Side YMCA

This is a simple and amazing new facility with a beautiful pool on the first floor. There are large open windows and views of the gardens that are kept on the Y’s land. When Mike and I would swim at the Roxborough YMCA it was always crowded…here in Farmville it is Mike and I and maybe one or two others in the pool and when aqua classes start they only remove one lap lane so even then those remaining are not overcrowded. My next thirty day project will be swimming everyday. I am really looking forward to that and having an ice cream cone. It is nearly 100 degrees here everyday.

#4 The Central Virginia Library

This is another spot that I have been to three times already. Big (for a small town) with huge windows that face Wilks lake and a nice selection of books, audio books, magazines, reference material, and movies. Our flat screen TV just won’t work without cable here and since we have never had cable I am not about to start now. Now Mike and I are now one of those couples that can claim that we don’t watch TV, which is true, but we can still watch the computer and movies from the library.

#5 Frog Bottom Farm

I am the most excited about this. Here is the link From Bottom Farm. We have not made a pick up yet but will start either this week (we missed the beginning of the week) BUT absolutely next week. This local farm provides fresh food from June-November! AND we pick up our share right at the farm…..no seriously check out the link especially the blog…see how cute the pigs are!!

This time last week I was somewhere on the PA turnpike thinking that the journey to Farmville would never end and by nightfall Mike and I and the dogs were home (?) I knew that we would only be in Providence a relatively short time and maybe that was why it was hard to feel settled. I also think because there was a pretty large yoga community I had higher expectations about the work that would be going on inside them and their receptivity to an outsider.

“Happy people have no expectations.”

Here I have only my practice…either I tend to it or I don’t. I can’t blame this community for being this way or that way. I like that. It feels like self reliance at its best.

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3 Responses to #3, #4, #5

  1. Sara says:

    This is potentially the most wonderful post ever! I’m excited to hear more about the Farmville life as it evolves. Settle in and enjoy the library and your yoga room both…and please migrate to the yard for coffee once in a while :)!

  2. Thanks Sara,
    I knew that you would love the Frig Bottom Farm. Mike and I are heading there today to pick up our first CSA and I hope to have loads of pictures. The yard is a tough sell for these city dogs Mike and I will just have to go out there without them.

  3. Claudia says:

    Love the new blog, great look!

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