yoga what yoga?

You may have noticed that I haven’t written about yoga asana practice lately.  It has been one full week since I have taken to the mat.  I know that today is a moon day and Saturday is typically a day of rest so I am looking toward Sunday.  Sunday I am starting a month-long practice at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond.  This means that I am committing to one month of 4.30am mornings to make it to the 6.30am Mysore practice there.  I am sure this seems a bit dramatic for someone who has had a long time at home self practice, but dramatic times call for dramatic measures.  I miss my life.  I miss my friends and I don’t know how long it will take to get this Farmville life off the ground.

Currently our new house is in total chaos.  The soon to be yoga room is FULL of boxes so I must get out to return to myself.  The last few months I have been drifting away from sanity.  I haven’t been eating or sleeping well so consumed with the fear of the move.  My body hurts from the two-day long haul drive sandwiched by loading and unloading the gigantic truck.

The plan is one month at AY Richmond and then I can drop in once a week.  I also hope to get back to planning my teaching schedule.  The fall is full of exciting events!!!  I hope to have my website updated soon.

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5 Responses to yoga what yoga?

  1. Gary says:

    Hey. I have been doing Ashtanga for a while and I happen to know all about Farmville. My son is starting his second year at Hampden-Sydney. I have been down a few times over the last year. I really like the fresh air and low population density (I live in NJ). But, I would find it a challenge to live there (and not only because of my Ashtanga practice!)
    One tip, which you probably have already discovered, is The Bakery on Main Street. Great place to hang. And her husband makes the best pizza I have ever had, no joke.
    Great idea about going to Richmond. I have been waking up every morning at 4:30 to practice in NYC for the last 4 years. No problem if I go to bed on time!

    • Thanks Gary!!! I really needed that comment. I am enjoying the quiet and the beauty. Just this morning my husband and I went swimming at the new beautiful YMCA pool which in Philly or Providence would have been packed it was relaxing and calm. If you are in Central Virgina and want to practice just give me a shout out.

  2. Sara says:

    Best of luck as you start your 4:30 morning schedule. I did a 4:30 home practice for a while, but recently realized I had to let that go. Not enough sleep. But you should be able to get in a nap in the afternoon, so you will be fine. Find yourself and start your Farmville life right!!!

    • Thanks Sara. I know that you understand the difficulty of moving and starting over. I think I just need a little boost in the midst of all the chaos. We do now have the guest room/office set up enough for guest, so let me know if you feel a Farmville visit coming on!

  3. I too am feeling lonely and in need of connection in the boonies and have committed to a once a week 4:30am rise to drive to Back Bay’s 6:30 class with Kate. I will be thinking of you as I make the drive every Thursday 🙂 With love, B

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