The Final 48.

Joy says that nobody reads blogs on the weekend.  I can’t help but post this in real-time.  I am now in the final 48 hours of my Providence life.  It is hard to believe that Mike and I have been here for two years and on the other hand so much has happened.  Change is difficult.  I remember feeling ripped from the soft center of my Philadelphia life.  I seemed to have a ton of friends, a great job as a full-time yoga teacher, managed annual trips to Mysore etc….all and all pretty great life.

While the first two months in Providence were incredible difficult things did start to settle.  I discovered a lot about myself.

I can put shoes on and go to work.  I do love many things that aren’t necessary yoga related.  I practice not because I am attached to a teachers personality or the comfort of a group but because I LOVE the practice not the external trappings.  I am in love with my husband and am willing to be incredibly uncomfortable while he pursues a goal to improve himself and support our union.

There is much to celebrate.  I made new friends and some good friends became more like family.  Mike has a MFA from RISD and a full-time teaching position.  I received the elusive authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga from  the source itself.

Now it is time for this city mouse to go country.  Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way… stop Farmville (and yes I know it is a game on facebook.)



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