lessons from the wheel

Mike signed me up for a ceramics class this summer at RISD.  It has many of the elements that I have come to love about Ashtanga Yoga.  It is hot, messy, difficult and while it is a class of 12 everyone is working at their own pace and being taught as an individual…..sound familiar…….and so yes! the student gets to see and feel real progress (understanding and change) relatively fast.  Last night after only one another attempt at throwing on the wheel I started to be able to center and create vessels.

These shapes are so far from perfect and my body hurts from being hunched over the wheel.  I have a small bruise on my thighs from my elbows digging into them (which is correct method) and a gash on the side of my pinky finger where I try to center the clay (incorrect method).

This whole experience reinforces that I am  not crazy when it comes to yoga.  I feel so left out from the whole hearts and rainbows scene.  These seem to shoot out of others students/styles asses, oh I mean asana’s….or at least it sounds like they are.  For me practice is intense, personal, sometimes messy and ugly and there are bumps and bruises along the way.  When I got this vessel to center, open, and rise the feeling of love was just like the day (after many failed attempts) to stand up from urdhva danurasana.

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