The 30 Day Project

I think the number one thing that I have complained about since the
uprooting from Philadelphia is that I am lonely.  I practice a style of
yoga that only requires some time with a good teacher and then you are on
your own.  If you are lucky in your town/neighborhood there is an Ashtanga
Yoga Shala, a proper one with morning Mysore and a great teacher and well
if you are like me you study with a teacher at a shala half a world away
for a small part of the year and then it is ALL you ALL the time.


So my my sister(who misses me dearly) the famed Oyster Evangelist purposed this 30 day project I
jumped at the chance to have a connection and a purpose.  Here it is in a
nutshell as described by Joy, “Basically: Pick something you want to do
but haven’t done and make it a personal project to do that thing everyday
for 30 days. Focus your attention on just one daily thing and make it
happen over the next month.”

We will stay focused and report our findings on our blogs.  I already set
the intention to expand my blog from mostly yoga/practice blog and report on my new
“green acres” kind of life in Farmville, yes, Farmville, VA.

Here are some of the quick projects I came up with.  I will need to really
match the project with the time frame due to my teaching/travel
schedule….so what to pick first in the midst of a move???

1.Take a photo a vegan diet
3.meditate for 15 mins
4. practice yoga
5.take a walk with my husband without the dogs
6.refrain from all outside dining
7. write and send a letter
8. read 50 pages
9. go for a swim
10. keep a logbook
11. no refined sugar
12. floss



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3 Responses to The 30 Day Project

  1. Ellie says:

    I like the 30 day project idea! Maybe I’ll join you. #4 is out because you already do it (and besides, you need rest days, right?) I’d maybe choose #1 (I go on photo binges but then don’t take any for weeks) or #8, or #10 is neat too. Crap, this is hard…

  2. Joy Manning says:

    For you, given that you are going to move in the next 30 days (right), I suggest you go with meditation. You are going to need it and it doesn’t require a ton of time or any objects you might not have handy.

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