Bitter Coated Sugar


Thanks for all the support that poured in yesterday.  It was amazing and a little overwhelming to receive such great energy, thoughts, encouragement, and solidarity.

Thank YOU.

It’s, funny I get emails pretty regularly from yoga students that I have “taught” years ago….I’m talking like Sporting Club years ago.  Students that are facing the same doubt in practice.  Students who have dropped practice because life threw them the curve ball of loss or love, travel or stuckness.  These students ask me for advice.  They tell me  that they have been reading my blogs/following me for years and know that I know the struggle.  If I can say one thing about being a yoga teacher that I am proud of it is that I STRUGGLE and share the struggle for all to see.

So here we are in the struggle together as aspiring yogis.   It takes great strength and courage to continue or pick up your practice when you feel like #$%@.  To practice as you are right now…tired, grumpy, lonely, chubby, sad or depressed.  It is too easy to put it aside until you feel better, stronger.  It is too easy to put yoga personalities way above you and wait until you are worthy of that.  I say, get on your mat! feel how you feel and let the practice heal you.  Use yoga as medicine.  My philosophy teacher says, that yoga is not a sugar-coated pill but a bitter coated sugar.



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2 Responses to Bitter Coated Sugar

  1. Sara says:

    Very true. It’s when I feel the crapiest that I reap the most from practice. ‘Doing something’ most days here in Portland makes life easier.

  2. claire says:

    my teacher told a story this morning before led class – she had travelled halfway around the world to work with an amazing teacher, and he sat them all down and said… “this morning i had a terrible fight with my 13yo daughter. who am i to teach these amazing people who have come halfway around the world to see me?!”
    we are all human, we are all just getting on the mat to do ‘something’! practice!
    sara – where do you practice in portland? i’ll be visiting for a few days…

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