Packing and Unpacking

Is anyone really good/into moving?  Now that I have moved (and am in the process) from Philly to Providence and now from Providence to Farmville I find myself falling apart all over again.  I can’t seem to find my center or my sanity.  My practice is in the weeds and my heart feels overwhelmed…and again Mike is packing around me.  All the strength and support I derived from Mysore……where has it all gone?  After taking a mediocre workshop from a teacher who is making an extraordinary living  I find myself questioning the profession of yoga teacher.  It seems that I am packing and unpacking more than just my things.   However as soon as I finish typing this line I’ll retreat to make very cluttered yoga room and unpack and repack my asana practice and try to squeeze a little juice into my joints and joy into this very strange transition.



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5 Responses to Packing and Unpacking

  1. tova says:

    jill, moving is one of the very most stressful things a human being can do. allow yourself to feel that without guilt. do some things to take care of yourself. we have moved house 4 times since i began my ashtanga practice. is has come with me everywhere i have been for the last 8 years. it doesn’t always look or feel the same but it always makes me feel better once i have done it. and remember the love of all the people who you have met along your path. that is cumulative 🙂

  2. You are not alone! Every time it feels like I’ve worked through so much emotional junk and have made yogic progress then I’m off to a different town or get some strange illness, lose mental and physical strength and it’s like learning to crawl again, except in some bloody war aftermath and there are pieces of yourself and soul all over the place to pick up, too. Just be content that you’ve got a love to follow from place to place and that it’s awesome you can bend your back at all in those hot yellow leggings. And never be disheartened on the yogic path by mediocre teachers! Yours in yoga, A.

  3. Sara says:

    Moving is rough. I’ll be there again in a year and a half. Read your journal from Mysore and suck up some inspiration. Pet the dogs. Kiss Mike. Eat good food. I hope you find a nice practice community in Virginia, you deserve it. If not, you will always have staying with your sister in Philly where the practice is juicy and the community is strong. Mysore will come annually as usual for you. Set your goal to do something everyday for your practice, even if it is just a savasana. You will come through this transition. Don’t give up teaching, you’re NOT a mediocre teacher, you’re an amazing one.

  4. Becca says:

    Just imagine how much you’d be crumbling if you didn’t have the strength from Mysore!!?! Moving is hard. Not only is it the logistics of the physical move, but it’s all of the other changes that comes along with it that jack the stress-level way up: work, social life, routine… As an adult I’ve already moved from Providence, to DC, to Dallas, to Philadelphia, to Providence and am now preparing to move back to Philadelphia. Each move has been for very good and exciting reasons, but each has been stressful as I’ve had to address a lot of the issues that I had successfully buried since my prior move. You’ll make it through, and will be on to your next adventure – but allow yourself to mourn a little now for a bit of loss that inevitably comes along with change. And – let’s grab a drink before we both depart. love, Becca

  5. Alison says:

    Moving is hard. Period. You’re a terrific teacher. No doubt. Never doubt. Come to Westerly with me on Sunday … if not Sunday, if you’re here for the holiday (July 4th), Shri is free all day, let’s practice and then get coffee.

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