Ready, Steady

Home for 6 weeks and I am just starting to feel the post-Mysore blues. I would like to think it happens to all of us, but even more so for people like me who come home to a very solo practice. Practice is always a solo journey, but I do long for a shala with heat and heart. So still most mornings the first step is turning the space heater on. I have been getting in some group practices. I have traveled to Westerly to practice on Monday morning, and to Boston on Sunday, and Motion Center on Wednesday, but all this jumping around isn’t all that helpful for a steadier me.

I haven’t really been able to pull together a vision for myself. So I have come up with a plan for practice. From now until Mike’s graduation I feel I need to focus on primary series for all of its grounding. I feel sad that I never really found a yoga community, a connection of teachers that want to just geek out on yoga, but I need to refocus my mind and be grateful for all that I do have in Providence and direct my attention on and in the now and steady myself for the bright future.

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One Response to Ready, Steady

  1. eek says:

    I hope you find a good place when you guys move!

    I am working in Austin this week and found am amazing shala…might be enough for us to move 😉

    I am definitely missing Mysore as well. Sigh.

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