Words and Phrases

one more here, one more there!, what you did?, catching?, look…, listen properly, take relations, doubt, sit this type, new friend, old friend, friend, power is there, meter?, go home take rest!, compulsory, no coffee no prana, super moon, yoga is 24 into 7, personal terminations, let the circus begin, authorization, breakfast buddy, split, hot, hotter, hottest, bucket, Rama Raja, Highway 18, this type you can not understand, thali, parampara, tatha kim tatha kim, real time or shala time?, ricksha Jesus, join with the sound, attitude, emotion, rational, kaarita, the teacher and the student makes the teaching, faith, Guru, mosquito driste, who is the master?, Pascucci, flexibility, never difficult nor it is hard, thirst, jada samadhi, what a waste, see it is all vibration, learning is a process…it starts and it never ends, only the context gives the meaning, these are not my rules these are shala rules, what is so special about isvara?, breath, full time life time.

What remains?
Monday practice
Tuesday practice
Wednesday practice
Thursday HOME

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One Response to Words and Phrases

  1. Claudia says:

    Love this Jill, you captured the essence of the words here, almost should make a video, perhaps a rap? nah! maybe not very ashtangi… a country song?

    I am SO happy you are coming back home, the spring awaits you, and you know you are ready for it!

    Safe flight home

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