I want to write something. I want to share something. I want to at least start the process of distilling this enormous undertaking into something compact, intense, and meaningful. I can’t. I can say that the feeling that comes with completion of a commitment is pretty far out….and yes, I nearly bailed like three hundred times. I threw every excuse out there. I was homesick, I was sick-sick, I was authorized early enough to make this a two month trip, I was running out of money and patience for India. Here I am at the end of the end and I can’t stop smiling. Practice is a dream. I have thrown my whole yoga nerd self down at the feet of some pretty amazing masters and feel more connected to myself because of the process.

In Sharath’s conference last evening he said that the yoga lifestyle is hard. The lifestyle itself is a tapas and it does not come easy. To be in a community where we all know that this method of practice requires so much heart and heat….I felt at last home and ready to come home. I am loving every minute in that marble floored, crazy carpeted shala. It is a place that breathes even when there is no one there. I am honored to have 8 more practices in the shala itself and bring a hunk of it home in my heart.

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3 Responses to Anāhata

  1. Claudia says:

    Very inspired by your journey Jill. And thanks for sharing some of Sharath's words from conference, I ws on the lookout to see what transpired, it is always comforting to hear reports… guess we are going to miss them, or life with just transform…. as usual

    Tapas then… yes…

  2. beautiful!… I'm tearing up… 😛

    Love you, so inspired and proud of you. See you soon!

  3. eek says:

    So glad you made it all the way through! So glad to have met you and the other beautiful souls here.

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