Today was a big day for me. I wish I could write, but for now I am going to pause and leave a picture. Tomorrow is the new moon day and I hope to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow will be the story of today.

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  1. Carol says:



    Hope all is okay. I sometimes close my eyes when I am walking to work in the freezing cold and pretend I am walking in the heat with you!

  2. Corina says:

    ooooh, a little teaser? ok, I'll check back tomorrow. BTW: Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year: heralding in the Year of the Rabit! Should be more docile than the Tiger Year ending. Wahoo! xxoo, corina

  3. Jill Manning says:

    get your sweet Canadian butt here!!!


    I can't believe you commented…I should do teasers more often. I just sent you an email!!!

    My two favorite 'ka'(s)

  4. Reblogged this on citymousetrailingspouse and commented:

    When Mike and I lived in Providence, RI I was a 7 Stars addict. This coffee shop/bakery on the west side of Providence got me so grad school wife hard times. I have had many a yoga date there, walked my dogs there in the nice weather, and had more than my fair share of melt downs and ginger scones. What I didn’t often have was cash! Each time I swiped my debit card the screen read simply….”waiting for authorization….authorized.” For awhile there it felt like it was teasing me…..then when I returned from Mysore last spring I looked forward to seeing the read out. I was not like living a story like “Waiting for Authorization” but it must have been buried deep in the folds of my mind. So deep that when Sharath muttered, “today authorization…you come.” I had absolutely no idea what he was taking about. I think I had him repeat it like three times. I can’t believe that was a whole year ago today. It seems like a good day for a blog flashback and to be reminded of that very exciting time. Thanks to everyone who has shared this journey and continues to be inspiring and supportive!!! love|practice

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