juicy | sexy

…..thanks Dima for the spin on perfection as “juicy,sexy.”

“Jill, I had such a fun week with you! Seriously amazing and given my mental state at 6am….it was transformative! I am feeling deprived today and a little angry that RI has you all to itself… Unless I come back of course..then the stalking will begin. You are the most juicy sexy yogini eva. Miss you!!”

…thanks Liz for the kind words.

“I am always amazed with how Jillji makes yoga fun and informative. It’s chocked full of asana, with very precise breath cues and funny anecdotes, such as “juicy sexy” (you had to be there. ha.)

I hope there’s an opportunity to do a week long practice with Jill again soon. She really shatki-fied the space. Much love. Keep it juicy.sexy.”

….from Amanda’s blog

“Jill, thanks again for an amazing week!! I was actually a little sad when I opened my eyes this morning at 5am and didn’t have to get up for yoga. Miss you already…”

…Thanks Doug

If you practiced with me in the Early Morning Intensive in Philly please share!!!

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One Response to juicy | sexy

  1. gracejenna says:

    That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile. Damn interesting……


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