1st day back at full 2nd

Yesterday was such a great yoga day in Rhode Island. I woke early and started to heat up my yoga room and the realized that it was a moon day. I did want to practice. I wanted to be around other people and I wanted to sweat! It is so cold here in Providence. I did some research at saw that there was a 9am class happening at a local vinyasa yoga studio called Eyes of The World Yoga. I have been there twice before both when I have had out of town yogis visiting me. I was excited because the class was one hour and forty five minutes. They heat the room really well so I was excited about sweating. I was also interested to see what the turn out would be like. 9am can be considered early for a Sunday morning class. It was really full. The energy in the room felt great and I was really happy I went.

I also taught an afternoon workshop at Raffa Yoga in Cranston. It was another amazing experience. All of the participants, many teachers of yoga were so welcoming and excited to begin a practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

I took special care and cleaned my yoga room today before practice while the space heater was doing its thing. My practice today started with singing the Guru-Astakam followed by chanting the entire (a lot by memory) Samadhi Padah followed by a long period of quiet sitting. When I started to practice I made the decision to return to a full second series practice at least once a week and today was the day to start.

TDB – 69 (why not keep count all year long?)

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