Faith, Logic, Emotion

These are topics that come up frequently during philosophy. Some days I take what feels like endless amounts of notes and then there are days where I draw really strange diagrams with arrows or swirls. Yesterday I put those three words in a spaced out circle with arrows going one to the next.




I am at the end of a perfect day. Practice was great. Sweat was sweet. Kapotasana steady. After practice I had a real treat of going back to Thomas’ house at 6am sitting on the flat roof while he made me a cup of coffee and together witnessing the red sun rise over palm trees. I nearly cried.

Led primary tomorrow.

Drop backs – 40

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2 Responses to Faith, Logic, Emotion

  1. Diana says:

    amazing view of india- cherish the moment. Its these moment with others in an amazing powerful place that you will never forget!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Hello from Providence and the East side YMCA! Glad to hear your are having an amazing trip. Thought you would be interested to hear that four of us in class this morning lead our own practice. There was a little confusion between Christy and Crystal as to how long she was covering your class. Not to fear, we hepled each other remember what you have taught us, even after a month, and were able to practice for an hour. Thank you for the repetition to help the home practice. It came in very handy this morning. Crystal will be there next wednesday. We look forward to your return.

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