It’s 3:25am..Time to Wake Up!

Practice makes everything make sense here.

I walked to the gate at about 3:45am to find I am like the 7th person to arrive. I think if I didn’t practice here in Mysore and someone tried to explain this ritual to me I would definitely think that this is something that only crazy people would subject themselves to. I am pretty sure that the 4:30am group is all returning students. It is funny to be that large of a group and the straight leg jump-through is the rule not the exception. 80% of the students sit up and wrap both legs tightly behind their head before lying down and binding hands behind the small part of the back….quickly. The heat and the energy was that intense. I must say, that after nearly 6 months of exclusive home-alone practice, I definitely met my own bar and felt right in step and breath.

Sharath ever vigilant did need to bust out a few, “Why you hurry?” I did notice that some of the counts have changed since I was last here in July/August 2008. A breath added here and taken away there. I guess even the steadiest teacher does tailor the material over time.

Overall it was a great first day of school, although a mosquito did bite my face in a pretty long headstand and headstand half-way. I am excited to practice Mysore Style for the remainder of the week.

Practice makes everything make sense (period.)

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2 Responses to It’s 3:25am..Time to Wake Up!

  1. jude says:

    You have the heat and practice to warm your body and spirit. We are in a deep freeze (in the teens) so the warmth eludes us until the spring.
    Stay happy, healthy, and safe. Love U

  2. Anonymous says:

    love your comments,
    like you be at home in the frozen waters of the artic like a seal having spent time mucking about on the ice and slipping off into the cold cold ocean.
    and love the photos
    great bovine
    zoom on

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