So my sister Joy (you can find her link under the “stuff I love” heading) totally razed me about my lack of food description. Hey, I am a yogi not a foodie. Sleep has been hard to come by I find myself around 8pm literally unable to keep my eyes open so I go to bed. Then I wake up so many times. Today I finally just got up at 3am. I am sure that when practice at the shala begins my sleep cycle will be ironed out. I am having a really lovely day today. At 8am I went to Vivian’s to have my favorite breakfast (see food photo.) Although she has many Western breakfast options I prefer two paratha’s with home made curd and coffee. After I fully digested this light and lovely meal I practiced in my room. Today was the first day since the epic journey that I included drop backs in my practice. Shockingly they went smoothly. I can already feel the enviromental changes in my body. The heat, the massive consumption of water, and the spices found in India cooking. Everything here really supports the practice.

The power went out so I decided to walk and have an afternoon cappuccino in the sun and read some and write some. In a bit I am going to head over to the shala to register. I can feel my nervous energy rising.



Feeling good

Start time 4:15am

Must eat

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  1. Amanda says:

    congrats on early start time. have a fabulous month with sharath and the juice of being in mysore. miss you jj.

  2. Sara says:

    It just gets earlier and earlier for you. Enjoy the food, enjoy the practice.

  3. Joy Manning says:

    The breakfast doesn't look as good as the Thali.

  4. jude says:

    Looks delicious….enjoy

  5. Ganapatigirl says:

    Thank you so much for sharing
    It has really served as a beautiful

  6. Diana says:

    I heart Indian food!

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