Back on Track

Week One

People who know me and my practice habits know that I don’t practice on Saturday. This is partly a groove that I got into in Mysore and in Philly my Saturdays were teaching days and a natural fit fit for taking rest. I work at risd|works on Saturdays from 10-5 so Saturdays will continue to be a day in which I will not practice. Sunday has always marked the beginning of the new practice week. Sunday is the high Holy day of practice and I miss the coffee chats after a really intense practice. I love schedules. I love to set the bar and challenge myself to rise to the occasion. Here is the bar for the week 10/11 thru 10/17:

Sunday 10/11
It’s parents weekend at RISD so I need to work on Sunday too!
Practice time 7am

Monday 10/12
I am free after my morning Mysore and usually practice around 10am.
Practice tie 10am

Tuesday 10/13
Off all day
Practice time 10am

Wednesday 10/14
This is where is gets really hard. I teach my Mysore group from 7am-9am then run to the YMCA to teach from 9:30am-10:30am and then run to risd|works and work from 11am -5:30pm.
Practice time 5:30am

Thursday 10/15 (Liana is here for the Iyengar Conference and staying with me)
Another full day at my “real” job.
Practice tme 7am

Friday 10/16
Maybe a surprise!

Saturday 10/17

OK I’ve set my bar and I’ll blog about the experience of week one. Let me know how you are finding practice and how practice is finding you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    somehow I can hear in the background someone saying……
    You Do

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