6 weeks until Philly

I am so excited about coming back to Philadelphia to teach and spend some time with my awesome yoga teacher practicing yoga. I must admit I have been a “bad lady” when it has come to this blog. I apologize. I have been pretty lackadaisical lately when it comes to sharing this experience. The ground in Providence has shifted and moved under my feet so many times in the last two months. I had all these grand ideas about making practice videos for this blog (I have discovered some BIG gems practicing in my little shala). I can’t even seem to write or post a picture.

This is my commitment to write or post a picture everyday for the next six weeks. Here is just some of what I have been mulling over in the mountain ranges of my mind.

A method is a way of doing.

If you are a vinyasa yoga teacher what is your method? In an essay David Foster Wallace describes the difference between writing fiction and non-fiction. In this essay he states the big challenge of writing non fiction is that the writer has “total freedom of infinite choice about what to choose to attend to and represent and connect and how and why.” Sound familiar? Maybe my TT brain just turns on this time of year. I think that statement says it all about what makes a meaningful vinyasa class. What do you think?

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One Response to 6 weeks until Philly

  1. Joy Manning says:

    I could not be foggier on the connection between fiction writing and yoga, but if you have a video camera, you should post videos. That way your students elsewhere can continue to learn from you. That is an awesome idea.

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