Major Meltdown…Mysore Coming

Yesterday it happened. Like a giant damn broke in my body and I just lost it. Trying to put a life together out of Providence thin air is really no small thing. There are some things that seem to be coming together. The Mysore program at Motion Center is filling up fast and people seem to be excited about it and have been longing for it for some time. Finding other work has been the big snafu. Spending the last nine years honing in on yoga skills has its benefits for sure, but out there in the rest of the world it has me falling flat as a potential employee.

Pretty soon the Mysore program will begin and I’ll be coming back to Philly for some workshops and all will be less melty. It is time to go into my little shala and breathe and love and practice.

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2 Responses to Major Meltdown…Mysore Coming

  1. Anonymous says:

    PVD loves you, and the heat is breaking tomorrow!

  2. Sara says:

    Jill, stay strong. You can do it. You will find work where your unique personality and skills will be most appreciated. You have punctuality, focus, and a sweet persona working for you. Everything will pan out. Remember that the Sanskrit class is coming up and before you know it you'll be in Mysore again yourself.

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