A Little Help from a Friend

Goes a long way.

Some time ago I remember having these total moments of despair. At the time the closest friends in my life were either immovable and in need constant cheer leading/motivation, or so flighty, with actions careless so that brought me to the point of utter humiliation (more times to count.)

This year in Mysore I made the decision that I was going to put my self out there both personally and professionally. To no longer apologize, or play down my smarts, experience, or in some cases my sass.

After 108 Surya’s on Sunday my hamstrings felt like Poly-O String Cheese, and from the long TT weekend my brain wasn’t doing my better. I had full intentions of practicing in the a.m. on Monday, but I did it…I just turned the alarm off. Missing practice in the a.m. my chances for getting back on that track grow slimmer which each passing hour. Around 3:45pm I got the call. Just as I told my friend that I didn’t have it in me, she responded quickly and truthfully with a well needed “Jill, get off your ass!”

So, I did, and practiced.

Thank You.

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One Response to A Little Help from a Friend

  1. Anonymous says:

    jill,looks like the holiday blues are passing for you.glad for you.good friends hard to find,treasures when you do.don’t rule out those related to you,but i do understand the history associated with family does get in the mix.lucky for you there are friends and family.do you feel it too?

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