I’m leaving today

I just returned from the Wake Up Yoga TT program retreat. Retreat is really a very bad description for this experience. It reminds me of those corporate jobs that supply everything you could every want or need during the day to insure that no one needs to leave the building and work can be possible all the time. We work the whole weekend. I swear I have no more words to describe yoga, or yogic things. I guess now is the perfect time to get a little Guru love.

I have a really tight schedule this trip

Practice at Yoga Sutra NY (for free!!) 4:45pm
Meet Samantha-Ji AKA Fiona Anew at some yummy vegan eatery
Kirtan at Jivamukti
Back to Sam’s house and most likely endless gabbing about Mysore, Yoga, Mysore, Yoga etc….

Wake Up
Head to Guy’s Shala, this is where Sam practices, it will be my first time there

I am bringing my camera this time and hope to take many pictures for the follow up blog about the whole experience.

I am excited to say that My Winter Solstice Retreat has only one spot remaining…if you are interested check out jillmanning.com

I am already hammering out the juice for the drop back workshop (who couldn’t use a drop back workshop?) Check it out, and yes! space is limited.

Love. Practice.

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