Weak Week

I have been home from India more than two months, and this was the hardest week yet. It feels like I have been running, organizing, teaching, promoting, studying, practicing on end. This week I have a cold, a sick husband, a bum right big toe, and managed to only practice asana three times. I know, shock and horror all around. I do have the first 7 yoga sutras memorized, and the Sanskrit alphabet in the bag!

Even yoga teachers get the blues. I started feeling glum with the approach of the holiday season. I have never been a big fan of this season, but this year I was ready two weeks ago to pack a bag head to Mexico and not return until January. I love to escape. On top of it all the attacks in India are so confusing and upsetting, both Mike and I who have walked Mumbai’s beautiful streets, felt the funk.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, and I am practicing and then starting my first day volunteering at the SPCA. I am really excited about the Winter Solstice celebration at Wake Up Yoga two Saturdays from now. Please join me. Check out the events page on jillmanning.com.


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One Response to Weak Week

  1. Amanda says:

    how was the spca? did you get to play with all the dogs and cats? last week was a weak week for me too.

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