The One Thing….

I am sitting in Paris. It is chilly and once again I am in an outfit that I really thought was cute in India and is kind of a hot mess here in Paris. What can I say? It feels like years since I have been home, and in some ways like forever ago that I was in the Shala. The travel in India is some tough stuff, but the payoffs, oh the payoffs, it is beauty and sound and experience that ties everything together for me. I already miss her, sweet intense India.

I am still ruminating on what I am bringing home with me from India. I know have been changed!

What I am most looking forward to:

Holding my husbands hand, no other hand is like his.

Sqeezing and snuggling with my dog Angie, remembering that not all creatures are loved like her

Sleeping in my own bed

Practicing in the place that I make my home

I am returning to teaching this Monday and check back in for more details about the launch of the new website and upcoming workshops/master classes

Hari OM

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  1. JIll says:

    Yes, about that web site…

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