What can I say?

I have found myself in the position back home where someone asks me about India, or the Shala, or Guruji, and I can tell that they don’t want to hear how amazing the experience is which is the truth for me. What have I done? I down play the whole thing, and end the chapter of that conversation very quickly.

For me I will never be grateful enough for these experiences. As I right now look out my bedroom door and see the brightest blue sky with the whitest clouds only interrupted by the most brilliant palm tress. I’ve got to pinch myself. Ahhh! India, what sweet friends we are.

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One Response to What can I say?

  1. I feel exactly the same, it almost makes me feel guilty at how lucky I am to be here experiencing this amazing place, the people, the sounds, the practice and the teachers. All an incredible experience that just can’t be explained or compared.

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