Monsoon Madness

I have never in my life seen such rain. It comes down from out of nowhere hard and fast with a sound quite like a train. And just as quickly as it arrives it ends leaving nothing but blue sky. It is a great metaphor, “nothing remains the same” no matter how rainy. I am really growing into being here and very grateful that I have this time and space to practice and grow.

Today was another led class. Here is the rhythm, Monday through Thursday is a Mysore Practice and Friday and Sunday the class is led. Sharath’s led nearly killed me so I took comfort that Sarasvati would be leading my group this morning. Just as I sat down on my mat Sharath came blasting out of the office and heralded, “Samasthitih.” I literally looked at the girl next to me and said, “oh shit.” Thankfully Sharath just led the chant and then Sarasvati took over. She leads like Guruji with some serious quickness to her count.

This afternoon there is conference with Sharath. I haven’t been to a conference since my first visit when Guruji was still so vital and present. I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll be sure to write about it tomorrow. Tomorrow I am starting Intermediate with the addition of Pasasana, of all the 2nd series poses I have to work with this is my least confident. Who knows just having Sharath standing in front of my might change everything. Let’s hope.

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One Response to Monsoon Madness

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hearing you this morning generated a full heart. Always very happy to hear the contenment in your voice. The journey seems to have washed a stillness over you which is exactly what you deserve and needed. Enjoy your night and remember I love and miss you.Love and Hugs, Judy aka mom

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