Magic Men

Ahhh, India. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I ready (whatever that means)? Nearly. I have no idea how this trip will change me. I know it will impact who I am, how I teach, how I practice. What I don’t know is how it will re frame what I think I know and what I thought I didn’t. At practice this morning I felt myself annoyed with the chaos around me. Chaos, let me define this term. Chaos in practice is students adrift without the anchor of the method. Practice without seed, no breath, no energy connection, and no focus. No seed, no fruit, no Ashtanga Method as Guruji intended.

What to do?

Giving an adjustment in Marichasana C and or D

Step one hips

Step two binding

Step three twist

(I’m just saying)

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One Response to Magic Men

  1. lisa d says:

    jill in the big picture of life we all have questions.thats what growth and maturity are the future though you will find the most inportant thing for personal happiness in all of our worlds is total acceptance.once you get that all else is secondary.i hope your trip teaches you all you need, and acceptance, at your age that would be a ya lots see ya friday.lisa

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