Amy Bye Bye

Well, I can’t beleive how fast three weeks fly in India. Amy left shortly after breakfast this morning. The room feels empty, and really quiet. I am right now sitting in the middle of my small bed surrounded by homework that needs to be done, study materials (from home TT is coming up, and here), and my big India book. I went to the travel agency this morning and starting putting together our two week travel plans. Here’s a preview. I think this is the basic outline. After leaving Mysore we will make our way to Goa for some good old fashioned beach time, after that visit a hill station, and then on to some very old Buddhist caves and finally arriving Mumbai. It takes a few days to begin to fill in the details.

I spent the early afternoon if you can believe it practicing yoga. I just got the urge to move and play with some sequences that have been flashing through my mind. It was really nice. My creative brain feels satisfied.

Tomorrow is yet another 4am wake up call for a led practice. This time I won’t have anyone to energetically help me out of bed. My walking companions will most likely be Rat, and Juanita.

I officially smell like curry.


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2 Responses to Amy Bye Bye

  1. jude says:

    Good Morning Jill, and Bye to Amy, Thanks Amy for being with Jill for three weeks in India. My mind and heart is grateful. Jill, Mike will be arriving soon and off to the beach. Nice plan. Soak up some beach time for me. Stay strong. I love you. Mom

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Good morning Jill. I’m sure you were sad to see your friend leave but anxious about the arrival of Michael. Take lots of pictures when you arrive at the beaches in India. I’m curious to see how beautiful they are. When you are in Goa, make it a point to look up your Tinneny relatives. I’ll go on the family website and find out the name of the place for you and will include it in my comment for tomorrow. Enjoy all the travel and take in as many sights as you possibly can.Love,MJ

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