Rice Krispie Treat

Have you ever heard the sound of a rice krispie treat slowly smashing? It sounds just like when Saraswati grabs your hands mid-drop back and puts them on your ankles. There was no pain, just the sound. When she pulled me up, she smiled and said “good.” I have two weeks left here and I anticipate this will become a routine occurrence. Svaha. Amy is heading out of Mysore on Thursday, and Mike will be breezing in on Sunday very early, like 4am early.

Today is Monday, back to the all yoga, all the time schedule. Pre-dawn practice, music, and then Sanskrit early to bed and then start again tomorrow. I still have no idea where Mike and I will travel. I am not even going to begin to tackle that until Friday. I’ll be back in Philadelphia in less than a month. There is no doubt that I love it here, but I do miss the community of dedicated yogis at home. I am constantly reminded of the dedicated and disciplined group that has found its way into the cocoon that is Wake Up Yoga.

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3 Responses to Rice Krispie Treat

  1. jude says:

    Good Morning Jill, rice krispie treats will never sound the same way again. Michael arrives on Sunday and that will bring joy to your life. You will share many memorable adventures together. And when you return we will enjoy hearing all about them. Stay strong, healthy and content. I love and miss you. Love and hugs, mom

  2. Mary J o says:

    Wow, the time that your friend has been in India with you seems to have gone by so quickly. It’s hard to believe it is almost time for her to come home and for Michael to arrive. I’m sure the time is flying by for you as well. Sounds like you are enjoying the hard work and the early mornings. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.LoveMJ

  3. Anonymous says:

    My Dearest Jilly,As expected you sound like you are taking full advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves. I love the picture from our wedding on your blog, even Chi-Chi got in it!! 🙂 We had such a great weekend with you guys, Ken has been busy making me all the malibu recipes! YUM. See you in Oct. Have super fun every day! Can’t wait to see your pictures. Love and Laughter, Beth Barbone

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