Lazy Days

The last 48 hours have been almost exclusively about sleep. After I came back from the Metropole and ran some errands I just placed my head down on the bed and fell fast asleep. It was a sneaky nap. Since I’ve been here its been a whirlwind of yoga, Sanskrit, music lessons, trying to talk to my husband, and worrying about home. I just crashed, and crashed hard. I feel very refreshed at the moment.

Practice today was great. I made some interesting discoveries, and I seem to have gained back my “normal” range of motion that I lost this Spring/Summer. I remember Tina paraphrasing the Gita in one of her classes, “no gain is ever lost.” This is true on some many levels.

Amy just arrived back from Chennai and she, of course had a wacky and wonderful time. So both of us will head back to the Shala tomorrow for some more practice. I am sure the remainder of the day will be slow. Plenty of time for me to catch up on my music homework for tomorrow’s lesson, and study for my first Sanskrit test. I can already hear Lakshmish in my head, “friends, find the letter properly.”

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One Response to Lazy Days

  1. jude says:

    Good Morning Jill, Sleep has the ability to make things feel a little better. So your mind and body must have been craving some rest. I love the phrasing “No gain is ever lost” simply stated and how very true. Thanks for the thought of the day. Stay healthy, safe and content. I love and miss you. Love and hugs, mom

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